SCI Diabetes Documents

Access Flowchart  

This Flowchart sets out access routes to clinical information contained within Tayside SCI-Diabetes.


Access Form 

Staff based in the communty or hospital (not associated with a general practice) requiring access to Tayside SCI-Diabetes for clinical care purposes should complete and return this form.  Staff associated with a  general should contact their practice SCI-Diabetes administrator who can provide access. 


Learn Pro Module

This module provides training on navigation of the system and common features


Quick Guides


Using the system

Creating accounts in practices

Enrolling/Unenrolling a patient into a clincial domain

Logging on and finding a patient Contact management
Registering a patient Clinic Letters
Recording a diagnosis of diabetes - webform Patient Audit Flexible Queries
Understanding Clinical Domains  

Tips and Shortcuts

Favourites menu Setting your default screen


Re-entering SCI-Diabetes when getting an error message Resolving the lost menu bar Issue                    
Internet Explorer version Patient Audit Flexible Queries Known Issues