Core Team - Ritchie McAlpine

Mr Ritchie McAlpine

Ritchie McAlpine is the Tayside Diabetes Managed Clinical Network (MCN) Data Facilitator.

Initially working with the DARTS (Diabetes Audit and Research in Tayside, Study) since its inception in 1996, he has acted as the initial link between primary and secondary care. Working in a data-gathering and information providing capacity, Ritchie has been involved in both the actual construction of the DARTS database and the high quality research that has been conducted from it.

Having worked in the Medicines Monitoring Unit as a research nurse for some time prior to his appointment within the DARTS team, Ritchie already had the academic background, personal curiosity and, along with a strong interest in epidemiology, the work experience necessary for this undertaking.

Ritchie frequently liaises with primary, secondary and other clinical/research personnel to provide them with optimal data or clinical information. He also plays an active role in using the information within the MCN system to the benefit of patients in Tayside who have diabetes and the professionals who provide them with clinical care.

He is also a member of various groups including: The Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN), the Tayside Data Governance Sub-group, the Tayside MCN Implementation Group, and the Tayside Diabetes Network Retinopathy Sub-group.