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Using SCI-DC Data for Research

All applications for research studies and for students require to be directed to the Health Informatics Centre (HIC).  This department will guide you through the application process including Ethics and Caldicot Guardian authorisation and it would be through this route that your application would be considered for access, if appropriate, to SCI-DC data.

Dundee Diabetes Research Centre

The Dundee Diabetes Research  Centre aims to foster, encourage and support top quality diabetes research all the way from the molecule to the clinic.

Diabetes Research Campaign

The University of Dundee Diabetes Research Campaign aims to raise £3m to bring together world-class doctors and scientists in the Diabetes Research Centre working towards an integrated vision linking improved patient care in Tayside, Perthshire and Angus and developing more effective drug treatments for diabetes.

Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN)

The Scottish Diabetes Research Network was commissioned in 2006 by the Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Executive to improve the quality and increase the quantity of diabetes research in Scotland, as part of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC).