NHS Tayside Diabetes Managed Clinical Network Handbook



Introduction   SIGN 154

Change in reporting of HbA1c
Diagnosis and Advice
Diagnosis of Diabetes Screening for Diabetes
Classification of Diabetes Management of Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes
Management of Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Management of Newly Diagnosed Patients with Osmotic Symptoms
Dietary Advice Patient Education and Advice
Lifestyle Advice Follow-up of Patients with Established Diabetes

Pharmacological management of glycaemic control in Type 2 diabetes

Treatment with Insulin
Adjustment of Insulin Insulin Pump (CSII) Therapy

Management of Intercurrent Illness

Ketone Testing

Self Monitoring of Blood or Urine Glucose Blood Glucose Meter Policy
Disposal of Sharps Insulin Therapy: Associated Equipment
Humulin R U500 Insulin Flash Glucose Monitoring (Libre) Protocol
Screening and Management of Complications
Retinopathy Kidney Complications
Cardiovascular Risk Foot Complications


Community Emergency care of diabetes
Assessment and Management of Hypoglycaemia in the Community Assessment and Management of Hyperglycaemia in the Community
Specific Groups
Diabetes and Women Diabetes and Men
Diabetes and Adolescence Diabetes and Ramadan

Translation Services  British Sign Language

Diabetes in the End Stages of Life
Diabetes in the Housebound, Long Term Care, Care Homes Learning Disability and Type 1 Diabetes
Living with Diabetes
Diabetes and Driving Diabetes and Travel
Diabetes and Children  
In-Patient Diabetes Guidelines 
DKA Integrated Care Pathway
Insulin Prescription in AMU
Insulin Prescription and Administration Record (IPAR)
Insulin Preparations and Alternatives Insulin Administration

IV Insulin Management and Peri-operative Guidelines

Insulin Adjustment Guidelines

Ketone Testing

Insulin Pump Therapy in Acute Care Setting Glucose Potassium Insulin Infusion
Hyperosmolar Hyperglycaemic State (HHS)

Hypoglycaemia in Hospital

CPR for Feet: Poster  
CPR for Feet: Ward Document Antibiotics for infection in diabetic foot

CPR for Feet : Patient Leaflet

Podiatry Referral Forms

CPR for Feet: Training Manual

Pathway for Acute Diabetes Foot Disease  
Preparations Prior to Procedures Assisted Conception Clinic
Management of Pregnant Women IV Insulin Management in Pregnant Women

Glycaemic Control during Enteral Feeding

Acute Coronary Syndrome