Diabetic Eye Disease: How Well are We Doing in Treatment and Prevention?

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Wellcome Trust

The Epidemiology of Diabetic Eye Disease: A Population-Based Study.

£177,104 from The Wellcome Trust


Visual impairment is a devastating and feared complication of diabetes, yet we possess no comprehensive population based United Kingdom data on how many people this affects or the precise cause(s) of visual disability when it occurs. Our imperfect current understanding of diabetic eye disease results from limitations in the available published work. Chief amongst these is the lack of any community based study from a complete population.


This Wellcome Trust Training Fellowship for Dr John Ellis addresses the epidemiology of diabetic eye disease in Tayside. John will determine the prevalence of diabetic eye disease in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and measure the amount of previously undetected disease. The secondary aim is to explain the reasons for failure of detection of retinopathy. John hopes to carry out a fieldwork with 1200 people with diabetes to measure the prevalence of eye disease. He will also complete structured interviews to evaluate patient attitudes to the risk of diabetic eye disease and benefits of screening.

The P-DETS Study