1. Blood Glucose/Ketone Meters, Strips and Lancets for Use by People with Diabetes


A balance needs to be maintained which restricts the number of different meters recommended or issued to people with diabetes but still allows for provision of a meter that is suitable for individual need in relation to user acceptability and ease of use. 

People should be informed that if they receive a new meter directly from a Meter Company or are using a meter and it is not one of those on the list below, the test strips will not be prescribed by their GP.


Advice on any technical aspects or issues with meter the company helpline should be contacted.


People requiring advice regarding blood glucose monitoring can contact Diabetes Specialist Nurse Team

Angus 01241 447811      Dundee 01382 632293      Perth 01738 473476


1.1 Core Meter - For people with Type 2 Diabetes who require to monitor blood glucose

Predominantly people taking sulphonylurea drugs who drive, are at risk of hypoglycaemia, steriod use and those on insulin therapy - see MCN Handbook on Blood Glucose Monitoring


Contour Plus Blue Meter

Ascensia Helpline tel: 0345 600 6030

For supplies of meter in General Practice contact:


07717 420297

Contour Plus Testing Strips
Microdot Plus Lancet 0.3mm/30g


Anticipated Usage: Up to 50 per month for those not on insulin or on insulin  and using Freestyle Libre.  Up to 200 per month for those on  insulin multiple daily injections.

In a few, exceptional circumstances,  the Core Meter may not be appropriate for an individual.  Advice can be sought from the Diabetes Specialist Nursing Team in such circumstances.

People currently testing with the Contour and Nipro TRUEyou meter and test strips can continue doing so, if and when their meter needs replaced it should be replaced with a Contour Plus Blue Meter.


1.2 Specialist Meters – For use recommended by the Specialist Diabetes Team

Predominantly for people with Type 1 Diabetes.


Nipro Sure Smart Duo Meter

Aibility to link with App to support carbohydrate counting and bolus advice

Blood glucose and ketone facility

Nipro tel: 02380 604 300

4SURE Testing strips

4SURE ß-Ketone Testing Strips

Microdot Plus Lancet 0.3mm/30g


 Accu-Chek Guide Meter                          

Links with Medtronic 670 and 780 insulin pumps  

Roche Helpline tel: 0800 701 000

 Guide Testing Strips
 FastClix Lancet 0.3mm


Contour Link Meter

Links with Medtronic 640  insulin pump

Ascensia Helpline tel: 0845 600 6030

Contour Next Testing Strips
Microdot Plus Lancet 0.3mm/30g


Freestyle Lite Meter

Links with Omnipod insulin pump

Abbot Helpline tel: 0800 170 1177

Freestyle Lite Testing Strips
Microdot Plus Lancet 0.3mm/30g


Freestyle Optium Meter

Blood Glucose and Ketone facility

Ketone Facility for people using Freestyle Libre

Abbott Helpline tel. 0500 467 466

Freestyle Optium Testing Strips

Freestyle Optium β-Ketone Testing Strips

Microdot Plus Lancet 0.3mm/30g


GlucoRX Nexus Meter

‘Talking’ meter - suitable for people with visual impairment

GlucoRX Helpline tel: 01483 755133


GlucoRX Nexus Testing Strips

Microdot Plus Lancet 0.3mm/30g


Wavesense Jazz Meter

For women with gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Agamatrix Helpline tel: 0800 093 1812

Wavesense Jazz Test Strips
Microdot plus


Anticipated Usage: Up to 200 per month, up to 50 if using Freestyle Libre


For some people with diabetes who require assistance with testing or who have poor vision, dexterity issues or require third party assistance it may be appropriate to use single use lancets.


Unistik3 Comfort Lancets





2. Flash Glucose Monitoring


Sensors should only be prescribed on the guidance of the Specialist Diabetes Team, see MCN Handbook on Flash Glucose Monitoring


Freestyle Libre

Abbot Helpline: 0800 170 1177

Freestyle Libre Sensor

Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor


3. Insulin pen needles / GLP-1 pen needles


BD Viva Needles Pen Inj Screw On

4mm/32 gauge





For some patients who require assistance with injections or who have poor vision, dexterity issues or require third party assistance it may be appropriate to use ‘safety pen needles’


BD Autoshield Duo hypodermic insulin Needles Screw On

5mm/30 guage




4. Reusable Insulin Pens


Allstar Pro

Autopen Classic 1 or 2 unit

HumaPen Savvio

Humapen Luxura


NovoPen 5

Novopen Echo











5. Insulin Syringes


BD Microfine HypodermicU100 Insulin Syringes

0.5ml 8mm

£1.48 per 10

1.0ml 8mm

£1.47 per 10






6. Sharps Disposal


The provision and disposal of sharps bins is through the NHS Tayside service, see 



7. Glucose Products


Glucoboost, Glucojuice or Glucotablets should not be routinely provided on prescription. Patients should be encouraged to carry a rapid acting source of carbohydrate, which may include these but can be purchased without prescription. There may be specific circumstances where it is recommended by an individual’s diabetes care team. See guidance for treatment of hypoglycaemia http://www.diabetes-healthnet.ac.uk/Default.aspx?pageid=37




Updated April 2022