Patient and Carer Event

Every year the Tayside Diabetes Managed Clinical Network runs a Diabetes Patient and Carer Event.

What is it?

The event is open to anybody who has diabetes and their families/friends. It is led by specialist diabetes staff including, doctors, nurses, podiatrists and dietitians who share lots of up to date information on topics with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There is also time to meet and chat with other people who have diabetes or who look after someone with diabetes.

What can you learn?

Topics covered in past events include:

  • What is diabetes -Health Eating
  • Understanding medications - Exercise
  • Self Managing Type 1 Diabetes - Looking after your feet
  • New Research and Treatments - Diabetes Emergencies

What have others said?

People who have attended these events have found them very helpful. The majority reported that they

  • found all the topics useful and informative
  • had learnt something new
  • would like to come back to future conferences.

To read more about the event held in 2012 click here.


The next event is due to be held in 2018.  Further details will be confirmed once a date for this has been set.