Type 2 Diabetes Education and Lifestyle Support

As part of Implementing the Framework for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention, Early Detection and Early Intervention pathways and resources are being implemented to support people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

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Who to Refer

  • Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes HbA1c >=48 mmol/mol
  • Aged 18 years and over
  • Not pregnant at time of referral
  • Person is suitable or able to engage in a behaviour change and weight loss programme, e.g. does not have a new life-threatening diagnosis or severe learning disability


Who Not to Refer

  • Pregnant at time of referral
  • The person is not suitable or unable to engage in a behaviour change and weight loss programme, e.g. has a new life-threatening diagnosis or severe learning disability
  • Diagnosis of Pre-diabetes


How to Refer

At the moment the only available intervention specifically for Type 2 Diabetes is the Oviva Diabetes Support 12 week programme.  Other programmes will be added as they become available:


Oviva Diabetes Support: Information for clinicians

Oviva Diabetes Support: Information for patients


Referral should be made to the Tayside Adult Weight Management Service (AWMS) via SCI-Gateway and should include:

  • Request for Diabetes Support Programme
  • Most recent HbA1c, weight, height.


Alternative to Referral

If the patient does not wish referral to AWMS for the intervention there are other resources the patient could be signposted to:


  • My Type 2 Diabetes course is aimed at those diagnosed with type 2diabetes. Ideally completed within 6-12months of diagnosis, but can be done anytime. It aims to give peoplewith diaetes all the information they need: e.g. what is diabetes,targets, complications, care planning, treatments, and lifestyle change. www.elearning.mydiabetesmyway.scot.nhs.uk      


There is good evidence that healthcare professional support and ‘brief interventions’ to encourage exercise and dietary modification can be effective in producing weight loss. Resources available for healthcare professionals

  • The MAP of Health Behaviour Change is a module for health and social care professionals whose role involves helping people to make positive health and lifestyle related changes.  It can be found within TURAS.
  • To support conversations about physical activity with people with diabetes and other long term conditions the Moving Medicine Website is a helpful resource